Sparton 557 "Sled"

The Sparton 557, also called the "Sled" because of its sled-like design was introduced in 1936. The chrome fins were intended by the designer, Walter Dorwin Teague, to simulate motion and speed and capture the attention of any who laid eyes upon it. A five tube design, performance was adequate but not impressive. The focus was on the design. Three control knobs are On-Off/Volume, Band and tuning. There is no tone control. Coverage is the AM Broadcast band and 6-17 MHz in two bands. The black runners and wood parts of the cabinet were originally painted with a special black lacquer mixture which created an almost crystalline effect when dry. If these areas are just black as with this set, it is not the original finish.

This set came to me all original except the black laquer and was cleaned and electronically restored. There is slight pitting on the chrome but the mirrors are excellent with only a couple of tiny silvering issues.

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