Sparton Nocturne

The Nocturne stands 46" tall X 43.5" wide and approximately 16" deep. The mirror is 42" in diameter. While it appears to be a large round mirror it is actually 4 separate mirrors, the 2 sides, above the speaker and below the speaker held together by the cabinet and the chrome frame. The mirror color comes from the Cobalt Blue glass with standard mirror silvering. The Cobalt Blue glass is what makes it nearly impossible to replicate these mirrors today. The mirror on this Nocturne is original and nearly perfect. Only a very close inspection reveals any sivering issues, along the inside edge of the righthand section, almost unbelieveable for a 75 year old mirror. The glass has one very tiny nick, no cracks and very few even minute scratches. This is one of the best original mirror examples in existence. The radio as you see it is completely original. The only things that have been restored are the things that were hidden by Walter Teague when he designed the radio.

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